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More and more people choose to buy a property in Spain as an alternative to a cottage in their own country. Many also buy an apartment or other residences to move to sun, warmth and better health. Low-fare air tickets and low living expenses make Spain attractive even though the prices on properties keep rising. So far investments in real estate in Spain have been gilt-edged, but the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned against a massive pricefall in the autumn of 2004.

Beach restaurants in Patalavaca near Arguineguin on the Canary Islands. A property in Spain gives you life quality we only get in a few short summer weeks in the North of Europe.
The underlying economical growth in Spain cannot defend the present property prices. One question is whether the market is controlled by Spannish demand or by wealthy North-Europeans who can afford to pay today's prices on houses, apartments and other real estate. A common atitude is that investments in properties on the Canary Islands in general, or near the sea on the mainland, are the safest. These markets are dominated by foreigners.

The Canary Islands has summer, sun and bathing oportunities all year round. Spain is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. There is also a wide agreement that the Canary Islands is the best place to live if you suffer from health problems. The most attractive areas on the Canary Islands climate wise, are extensively developed, and limited access to areas for newbuilding is believed to push the prices even higher.

Spain and the Canary Islands are parts of the EU. Buying properties is now relatively safe if you deal in the right way. Regardless of whether you choose new real estate projects or buy existing recidences, you should use a Spannish lawyer. Embassies and consulates can normally help you with information about serious lawyers with insurance and the desired language abilities. Do not let the seller or developer choose your lawyer. Real estate agents from your own country with an office in Spain may be of good help.

A lawyer helps you through the jungle of terminology like "Plan partial", "Ayuntamiento", "Jefatura de Costas", "Ley de Costas", "Declaration de Obra Nuevo", "Nota simple", "Escritura publica", "Registro de la Propiedad", "Referencia Castral", "Communidad de Propietarios", "Plus Valia", "Escritura de Compraventa", "Notario", etc. Simple tasks may cost 1% of the real estate's value. Taxes and buying expenses are high. Allow for a 10% markup in the price.

After buying your property, you can let local enterprices arrange all the practical tasks that come with owning, maintaining and possibly renting out the property. Everything is nicely arranged for a problem-free everyday life. Fixed expenses are drawn directly from your Spannish bank account. You have to pay some tax, but the amounts are not too high. Craftsmen for refurbishing etc. are cheap, but quality and finishing dates should be monitored closely.

When buying real estate abroad, you should spend a lot of time looking at different areas. Use one or more holidays with a rental car. Test-live areas you think seem attractive. Think about what you can do in your spare time during a longer stay. Do not buy real estate without having experienced the area both at day- and late night time.

If you have health problems, you can rent our indoor environment apartment on the Canary Islands for a couple of weeks. If you, like many others, feel healthier and get more energy, we can help you find a healthy property without the strain of ill-judged structoral material, toxic fumes, damages by damp, mould fungus, high-voltage power lines, noise etc. We can also help you with indoor environment threats like these in Norway if you feel indisposed at home, but healthy when away. This service is currently available in the Oslo region of Norway only.

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